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Descent on Utah - March 2006

The Zetes (and other sundry fraternity representatives) Descend On Utah in Search of Multiple Wives (Otherwise Known as Skiing at Alta and Snowbird)

In March of this year various members of the Zete, represented by the illustrious classes of '79 and '80, ventured forth to Utah in search of powder and to investigate if it was possible to become a Mormon and have multiple wives and live happily ever after. Harry Dent, '79, George Morris,'80, and Mark Fischer,'80, accepted this challenge along with Rick "Cowboy" Swanson, '79, and a member of Bones Gate, and Carl Yerkovich, '79, and a member of Psi U. This is the second year that this downhill team team has travelled west to experience the nirvana of sun, snow and a couple of beverages to sooth our aching muscles at the end of the day. In 2005 they tackled the terrain at Vail and were also accompanied by Tom French, "79 and a member of Phi Delt, and Chris Daniels, '79, and a member of Bones Gate.

This year the skiing at Alta and Snowbird was fantastic! We had new snow most mornings and sunshine during most of the days that we were there. We hit the slopes early, skiied hard all day, and then had "big" plans for the evening that never materialized because we were dog tired by the time we had eaten dinner. Damn, it's hard to grow old! And, no, we never did run into any Mormons that had multiple wives. If we had, and if they were our age, they probably wouldn't have been happy anyway because their money would have been spent and they probably wouldn't have gotten laid any more than you or meI

On a more serious note we received some horrible news while we were skiing at Alta during our Utah trip. Chris Daniels, who was mentioned above and a close friend to all of us, died of a heart attack while skiing with his two older children in northern Minnesota during the same time period that we were in Utah. We will miss him greatly! In honor of him we have decided to name our annual journey west the "Chris Daniels Memorial Ski Trip" and make him an honorary Zete in the process.

Tau Kappa Phi!

Sincere regards,

Mark Fischer