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Class Reps

To communicate efficiently among our 1200 active alumni, the Elder Association depends on its network of Class Reps. The brothers below have stepped up to represent their classes and to disseminate news when the need arises. Should you be interested in contacting one or more of them please email the webmaster for emails or addresses. If your class is not represented, we hope you'll volunteer to take up the task. It's a great way to keep in touch and the duties are far from onerous.

1955 John Wetzel
1971 Gregory Fell
1978 Hunt Melville
1979 Mark F. Sullivan
1980 Mark Fischer
1981 Steve Kroll
1982 Jonathan Baker
1983 Rich Roberts
1984 Michael Salzhauer
1985 Carl Eurenius
86 Need volunteer
1987 W. Evan Price
1988 Wayne Weil
1989 J. Todd Timmerman
90 Need volunteer
1991 Sean Regan
92 Need volunteer
1993 Ethan Leonard
1994 Benjamin Dean
1995 Scott Thompson
1996 Ben Mitchell
1997 Jay Hanlon
1998 Kevin Robbins
1999 T.J. O'Neill
2000 James Mills
2001 Robert Costello
2001 Robert E. Levine
2002 Eugene Boyle
2003 Adam Goldberg
2004 Ivan Grant
2005 Dan Balserak
2006 Boris - Krystof Siuda