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TODD “TINY” TIMMERMAN ’89 writes “I have just been re-elected to the national Management Committee of our firm and elected the Managing Partner of our Tampa office. I’m also drinking a Crown and Coke right now.”

WEST “TEX” GRIFFIN ’83 is flying higher. He and his wife Juliet have purchased a Lancair IV-P Turbo-prop that flies about 320 mph at 26000 ft. He writes “I never imagined I would get the chance to burn jet fuel. Fortunately, as the CFO of an oil company, I have a natural hedge for the bigger fuel bill.” They are spending Christmas in Deer Valley at their ski house with all their 5 kids. The kids have to fly commercial from Houston to Salt Lake as the turboprop only really carries 2 plus dogs in the back. Juliet is already push- ing for a 6 place Turboprop.

TODD “SHAQ” GRISET ’99 writes “Professionally I have been named a partner in my firm, Preti Flaherty. Apparently hard work actually does have its rewards. My wife Olivia and I enjoy life with our daughter Lucy, who at 15 months old has visited not only 8 Webster but even the basement.”

ANDREW “KERMIT” HEISEN ’01 writes “On December 10th I was ordained as a Pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. I’ve moved to the location of my new congregation in Shrewsbury, MA. Perhaps I’ll show up at next Camelot to challenge the authority of the Pope and King. Also, Karilyn & I are expecting our second child to be born here in April. So, just a few unimportant bits of news there. - the Rev. Kermit”

DAN BAUM ’83 writes “I retired a year ago after spending close to 30 years in hi tech. My family andI (wife and twin seven year boys) are now living on our ranch on the Califor- nia central coast. Being a hobby farmer is lot harder than I thought; there’s a reason agriculture has evolved over the last 3000 years! We love the area as we are surrounded by 200 wineries, albeit only one brewery and no beer pong table manufacturers. I’ve fortunately had the opportunity and time to do a number of fun things over the last year. I’m been spending a lot of time on my bike (yeah, we can actually ride year round out here :-) )and did a cycling trip in Italy and hiking in Slovenia this past September. I followed that up with a slot canyoning and photography trip to Utah in October. Trying to figure out our next adventure.

WILLIAM “PATSY” RYAN ’08 writes “I took a job with Azumio, Inc., a mobile health startup which just got Series A funding from Founders Fund (that’s Peter Thiel’s venture cap fund) this summer. I am the Chief Analytics Officer, one of the first employees at the company, and right now I am focused on creating an empirically-based customer acquisition strategy.

TED COOPERSTEIN ’84 writes “I am still prosecuting federal felonies as an Assistant US Attorney in the Southern District of Florida. We recently moved into a brand new office suite in a new US Courthouse in Fort Pierce, FL. We are a small satellite office of 4 AUSAs covering any and all federal crimes in 5 semirural counties (3 hours north of Miami (which is our higher HQ) and 3 hours east of Tampa). We live in walking distance to the beach on Atlantic coast, so Zetes should feel free to visit us. Youngest daughter Austen is 7 months and crawling now. Her older sister Isabelle just turned 2 and is act- ing accordingly. Both girls show good Dartmouth genes in preferring Dr. Seuss stories. Dad will (try to) steer both girls away from any legal career and urge them to consider hedge funds instead.”

MIKE URBAN ’78 writes “I have an exciting announcement! My first novel, Drake’s Coffin, is now available as an ebook on amazon.com for the price of $4.99. Drake’s Coffin is the rousing adventuretale of a search for lost treasure in the jungle of Panama. It features rich his- tory, exotic locales, fascinating characters and rapid-fire action that will keep readers tapping screens or next page buttons for hours on end. Four hundred years ago the English adventurer Sir Francis Drake stole it from the Spanish and buried it in the jungles of Panama. Thirty years ago an unsuspecting group of teenage boys stumbled upon it in a night of violent death that would change their lives forever. Now, they’ve come back for Drake’s legendary lost treasure, in a race against time, old enemies and modern foes. Please buy it! I know that you will like it! If you enjoy it, please tell your friends and ask them to buy it! You can learn more at: www.michaeldurban.com

P.S. – By buying this book, you help to eliminate one more attorney from the practice of law. Think about it.

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William J. Crangle Jr. '36 - d. 8/9/16
John B. Sparks '66 - d. 7/5/15
David R. Raynolds '49 - d. 6/19/15
Neale Wilke Clapp '55 - d. 3/7/15
Walter Edward Shea '58 - d. 2/19/15
Alan Nicholas Dekker '56 - d. 2/10/15
James Loftus Fowler '52 - d. 1/20/15
Frank Rendall Dickinson '50 - d. 1/11/15
C. Sherman Hoyt '50 - d. 1/7/15
Henry H. Taylor, Jr. '56 - d. 11/21/14
Robert Joseph Flood '54 - d. 9/20/14
William Arthur Grover '54 - d. 8/12/14
Edward Maurice Haley '55 - d. 8/12/14
John Presby Hands '41 - d. 2/24/14
Fred Ellwood Huntley '42 - d. 8/6/14
Robert Elmer Lee '57 - d. 4/4/14
Byron Percy Magness '62 - d. 6/6/14
William Mason Miller '50 - d. 12/10/14
George Edward Moore '68 - d. 3/2/14
Jesse Johnson Morgan, Jr. '52 - d. 9/22/14
Michael Roger Pender '47 - d. 11/23/14
Bernard G. Sykes '54 - d. 4/3/14
John Lansing Zabriskie, Jr. '61 - d. 3/13/14

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