8 Webster Avenue Hanover New Hampshire

Killington VT - St. Patrick's Day Weekend 2006

Four Zetes: Chuck Liggett ‘83, Carl Briscoe '79, T Weymouth ‘79 and Hunt Melville ‘78 went slopeside at Killington with their gaggle of 11 significant others for some classic Eastern skiing. The Irish weekend began in true Celtic fashion with Carl's Connecticut Chili, washed down with a few Guinnesses, lest the old traditions fail.

Slopeside turned out to be a relative term, we found, as the house was a half mile from the trail, but a few brave sloggers did make the march. Can anyone say Mud Season? Late season skiing can often land you in icy conditions, and though we had our share of boilerplate, light snows improved things by the final day.
The older boys did their fathers proud by bringing over some local Killington fillies. It was all innocent of course, but we did have to ultimately root them out of the hot tub and send them on their way. Killington is a huge resort, seven mountains in all, and it was often tough to keep everyone together, Carl for instance, had a tendency to take off on personal 'sole journeys' but ultimately we all found our way back to base. Between Chuck's morning omelets and Bonnie's Taco Soup, we did find time for a little friendly competition: specifically the intense Foosball contest and a little Halo twitchin-and-jerking on the X-Box. It was particularly touching to watch young Graham harassing his teammate Chuck for his poor performance (perhaps 'harassing' is not a strong enough word).
Sunday evening was all BBQ with Patron chasers ala T, which may or may not have been related to his meeting in Hanover the next day with Marty Redman. Well, time will tell whether he was successful in convincing the Dean of Residential Life that Zete alumni and undergraduates have made significant changes in their infamous behavior patterns of olden times. All I can report is that on one winter weekend, atop the Green Mountains, the Zete spirit was alive and kicking.