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Zeta Psi holds an annual get-together in June of each year:
    the Walter Invitational Golf and King of All Pong Tourney.
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Norris Nims '35 by John T. Bird '77
Ernie Ball '43 by John T. Bird '77


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A Hollywood Story by Robert Levine '01
Aspen 2006
by Mark Sullivan '79
Killington 2006 by Hunt Melville '78
"Last Monday in May" poem by John T. Bird '77
on remember.gov
Utah 2006 by Mark Fischer '80

Famous Zetes:

Zetes throughout our history have achieved great things in their lives, some owing it to their membership more than others. We recognize these brothers for their work in their fields and aim to help both visitors and fellow brothers learn more about their lives and achievements.

William Lynn III

William Lynn III '76
Under Secretary of Defense
Psi Epsilon (Dartmouth)

Eric Molson
Chairman, Molson Coors
Brewing Co.

Member, Order of Canada (2006)
Fmr. Chancellor, Concordia University
Alpha Psi (McGill University)

Dean Witter

Dean G. Witter '09
Founder, Dean Witter
& Company
(now merged as Morgan Stanley)
Iota (University of California-Berkeley)

Prescott Bush

Senator Prescott Bush '17
US Senator from Connecticut
Father of President George H.W. Bush and
grandfather of President George W. Bush
Eta (Yale)

Dizzy Reed

Dizzy Reed
Musician, Keyboardist,
Guns 'n' Roses

Psi (Cornell)

Dr. John McCrae '94
Author, In Flanders' Fields
Lieutenant Colonel, Canadian artillery (1915-1918)
Theta Xi (University of Toronto)

Erskine Bowles
White House Chief of Staff
System President, University of North Carolina (2006-)
Member, Board of Directors: General Motors -
Morgan Stanley
Upsilon (University of North Carolina)

Brian Roberts
Chairman & CEO, Comcast
President, Comcast Corporation (1990-2002)
Named one of America's Best CEOs for 2004
Sigma (University of Pennsylvania)

Dean Cain '88
Actor, Lois & Clark:
The New Adventures
of Superman
Omicron Epsilon (Princeton Universtity)

Alfred Kinsey

Alfred Kinsey '16
Sex Researcher & Biologist
Lambda (Bowdoin)

Dr. Benjamin Spock '29
Author, The Common
Sense Book of Baby
& Child Care
Founder, The Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy (1954)
Lieutenant Cmdr. U.S. Navy Reserve Medical Corps (WWII)
Gold Medal Winner, 1924 Olympic Games: Rowing
Eta (Yale)

Les Aspin
U.S. Secretary of Defense
Congressman (Democratic), Wisconsin: (1971-1993)
Professor (International Policy), Marquette University
Eta (Yale)

Sir John Templeton
Founder, John
Templeton Foundation
Knight Bachelor (1987)
Establisher, Templeton Growth, Ltd. (1954)
Rhodes Scholar, Connecticut & Balliol (1934)
Eta (Yale)

David Hilbert

David Hilbert '80
Formulated the theory of
Hilbert Space
integral in the development of invariant theory,
transfinite numbers and the axiomization of geometry.
The founding father of Camelot and a member
of the House of Bird
Psi Epsilon (Dartmouth College)

Dr. John Bardeen
Only person ever to win
two Nobel Prizes in Physics
for the transistor (1956)
for a fundamental theory of convectional
superconductivity (1972)
Recipient, IEEE Medal of Honor (1971)
Lambda Psi (University of Wisconsin at Madison)

Gray Davis
Governor, California (1999-2003)
Lieutenant Governor, California (1995-1999)
Mu (Stanford University)

John R. Brodie
Recipient, NFL's Most
Valuable Player Award
Quarterback, San Francisco 49ers (1957-1973)
Mu (Stanford University)

Howard Dean
Chairman, Democratic
National Committee
Governor, Vermont (1991-2003)
Lieutenant Governor, Vermont (1987-1991)
Eta (Yale)

Pete Wilson
Governor, California (1991-1999)
Member, Defense Policy Board Advisory Committee
Member, President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board
U.S. Senator, California (1983-1991)
Mayor, San Diego, California (1971-1983)
Eta (Yale)

Howard "Red" Grange
Charter Inductee,
Pro Football Hall of
Inductee, College Football Hall of Fame (1951)
Halfback, Chicago Bears (1925, 1929-1934)
Alpha Epsilon (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

William Harrison, Jr.
Chairman, J P Morgan Chase (2005-)
CEO, J P Morgan Chase (1999-2005)
Upsilon (University of North Carolina)

Dick Wolf
Creator, Law & Order (1990)
Recipient, Emmy Award (1997)
Supervising Producer, Miami Vice (1988)
Sigma (University of Pennsylvania)

James J. Carey
Grand Master,
Knights Templar
Chairman, National Defense Committee, Washington DC
Phi Alpha CXXIV (1995-1997)
Chairman, U.S. Federal Maritime Commission (1989-1991)
Rear Admiral, U.S. Navy (Career: 1961-1994)
Omega (Northwestern University)

Henry Ford II
CEO, Ford Motor Company
President, Ford Motor Company (1945-1960)
Eta (Yale)

Bob Boone
Manager, Cincinnati Reds
Manager, Kansas City Royals (1995-1997)
Gold Glove Recipient (1978-1979, 1982, 1986-1989)
Catcher, Philadelphia Phillies - California Angels -
Kansas City Royals (1972-1990)
Mu (Stanford University)

Jim Cantalupo
CEO, McDonald's Corporation
(1991-2002, 2003)
President, McDonald's Corporation (1987-1991)
Alpha Epsilon (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)