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Psi Epsilon Chapter of Zeta Psi Fraternity of North America
Alumni Association Organizational Structure

I. Officers / Executive Committee
II. Board of Directors
III. Standing Committees
IV. Class Representatives

I. Officers / Executive Committee

Executive Committee:

      President: Jake Gehret '81 Rumson NJ
       Vice President: Travis Blalock '12 Washington, DC
       Treasurer: Harry Gates '14 Brighton MA
       Secretary: Rich Roberts '83 'Wethersfield CT

At large:
      Todd Griset '99 Bath, ME
      Michael Salzhauer '84, New York, NY
      Hunter Melville '78 South Woodstock VT

Board of Directors





Travis Blalock '12
Carl Briscoe ’79
Will Bryant ’13
Erik Faber ’13
Brian Flint ’14
Harry Gates '14
Jake Gehret ‘81
Todd Griset '99
Chris Johnson ’13
Michael Katz '12
Dave Lumbert ’12
Kunal Malkani '12
Hunt Melville ‘78
James C. Reed ’12
Rich Roberts ‘83
Michael Salzhauer ‘84
Peter Stein '12
Greg Troderman ’12

The Executive Committee administers the daily business of the Association. It meets monthly by telephone and communicates almost daily by email.

The members of the Executive Committee are the four elected officers of the Association and several at-large members, including past presidents of the Association who wish to remain involved (currently two of the most recent three), the President Elect if applicable, and one or two advisers chosen by the current president.

The President is the chief executive of the Association. He exercises all powers granted to him by New Hampshire law, which is expressly incorporated by the Association's bylaws. Among his other responsibilities, he liaises with Zeta Psi Fraternity of North America, the international organization.
The Vice President's role is re-defined annually in consultation with the President. Currently the Vice President oversees facilities and financial planning.
The Treasurer maintains the Association's books, records all donations, collects any other revenues when applicable, and pays the Association's bills.
The Secretary maintains a list of the Association's 1200 living alumni and their current addresses, and keeps the alumni informed of the Association's activities via periodic postal and electronic communications.

II. Board of Directors

The alumni of the Psi Epsilon Chapter of Zeta Psi Fraternity at Dartmouth elect the Board of Directors at annual meetings, usually in the fall.

III. Standing Committees

Building/Property Management Committee

Todd Griset '99
Brian Flint '14
Hunt Melville '78

Finance Oversight Committee

Michael Katz '12
Hunt Melville'12
Jake Gehret '81
James C. Reed '12

Undergraduate Liason Committee

Travis Blalock '12
Erik Faber '12
Greg Troderman '12
Peter Stein '12

IV. Class Representatives

Beginning in 2003, the Association established a class representatives program to reconnect on a more personal level with our 1200 living alumni. The class representatives serve as intermediaries between the Association and the alumni, communicating information and updates from the Association to the alumni and relaying alumni’s questions and comments to the Association leadership. There currently are one or more class representatives for each class going back to 1978, and the Association is striving to identify additional class representatives in the older classes.




      PHI • Rick Dionne '19 • "Van Hohenheim"
      GAMMA • RJ Yang '19 • "Dante"
      ALPHA PHI • Ryan Hall '19 • "Moxxi"
      SEC'Y / HOUSE MANAGER • Zachary Benjamin '19 • "Upham"
      SOCIAL MANAGERS • Alex Ermides '19 • "Woody"
                                    Michael Fraunberger '19 • "Xenon"
                                    Christian Williams '19 • "Bragi"


      PHI • Kevin Xu ’18 • Shaquille O’Neill
      GAMMA • Victor Borza '18 • Brolax the Destroyer
      ALPHA PHI • Pete Tran ’18 • Turk
      SECRETARY • Dennis Reilly ’18 • Dr. Dre
      HOUSE MANAGER • Ned Feist ’18 • Dr. Cox
      SOCIAL MANAGERS • Alex Ermides ’19 • Woody
                                    Carlos Tifa ’19 • Titus
                                    John Burnham ’17 • Gimli