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The Psi Epsilon Association of Zeta Psi is the Elder and post-graduate organization of Dartmouth's ZETA PSI FRATERNITY Alums, join our Facebook group!

Some pics from the recent alumni meeting at the house(10/28/16):

Three Phis:

Sistine pong table:

Fenster the new Alpha Phi, with Daggens on hand to keep an eye on the numbers:

Commemorative plaques are in place! Check out all 15 here: room plaques

                Vista Lounge       

The renovation plaque is up. Check it out when you're next at the house:

View a larger version: plaque.html

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We hope that this website, HanoverZete.com, will act as an online hub for the dissemination of news on the important issues we face in Zete's third century, and perhaps as a meeting place to rekindle old friendships. Please plan on returning periodically to see what's happening. And be sure to keep an eye on the BROTHERS page for the updated composite collection... warning: you are probably there! Our NEWS section contains the latest brother updates, take a look and issue a shout out and check the PHOTO ALBUMS of recent and long past events

Wonder where Zetes go after leaving the Hanover Plain? Check our online



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